California Maela D. Rodriguez

Maela D. Rodriguez – California

This Lying cheating woman moans on and on about her abusive husband and when give. A way out by a genuine man she flips out. Said man then does the right thing and searches for and tells her husband Luis J. Rodriguez of Ben Lomond, CA (Santa Cruz/Scott’s Valley/Felton, CA) it turns out they are both in on it and the poor trusting sap they fooled so that Luis J. Rodriguez (who works for Lockheed Martin in Santa Cruz—building “nukes” he says with his bachelor degree…psssssst TOP SECRET CLEARANCE BEING REVOKED SOON. GET THAT RESUME DUSTED OFF). To pour more salt on the wounds the guy they f***** with fell for that chick and wanted to understand why the f*** they did that so he calls and texts her. To find out she has now filed a temporary restraining order and is going to seek criminal charges. What a great person she is. So watch out for: Luis Rodriguez (Lui Rod) and Maela Rodriguez (she goes by Mollie on dating sites/apps) and her user names usually include: jungle.mollie, missmollie, Mollie.savage, Mollie Ro, or combinations of those. Also be on the lookout for the two mustangs they have hidden from debt collectors/repo companies in Nyssa, OR or close to the border of OR and ID in Idaho with Maela’s biological mother Diane Stocks (also her maiden name). Other useful info: Maela is born June 18, 1991 and is 27 years old. Her abusivd husband Luis J. Rodriguez was born in 1989 complete date unknown and is 29 years old. Both reside in Ben Lomond, CA. Narcissistic sociopaths wth no regard for anyone but themselves.