Cheaters Madeline Neese

Madeline Neese (Weill) — New Orleans, Louisiana

Obsessed with her ex boyfriend who she tried desperately getting to knock her up, manipulated and forced her way back into his life on multiple occasions going so far as to beg him to give her a place to stay the second he got his own place and then tried fucking him and tried to live there. As soon as it was made clear that she wasn’t welcome she promptly got knocked up by and married a stranger. Ex boyfriend starts seeing someone new and she manipulates her way into the situation and bubegs over and over to be allowed to talk to him (while she’s pregnant) Would only invite him over when her husband Daniel Weill was at work, talked about how he was bigger than her husband, told him that “our love is bigger than this, our love is real” all the while ex boyfriend was forced to keep her rats alive and when they got cancer, she said let them die in pain, so instead ex boyfriend and new girlfriend paid to get Madelines rats surgery and they lived another 5 months ♡ Ex boyfriend and new girlfriend decide Madeline is toxic and sick in the head and very politely ask her to stay away, Madeline goes fucking nuts and for the past year has continually made fake Facebook accounts, called the ex boyfriend a rapist and abuser which is not true. She started screaming and sobbing into the phome asking him why he was being “so cruel” for not wanting to be in her life and on 4 separate occasions now has continued to mass text screaming about how some injustice has been done to her AFTER SHE FUCKING CHEATED ON HIM. MULTIPLE TIMES. She drank heavily and used drugs while pregnant and now gets shitfaced and hits her infant while she’s at work. She abuses anything around her person or animal, she needs to be in jail. Already had to get a restraining order.