Canada Maciej Setniewski

Maciej Setniewski – Canada

A Serial Adulterer Maciej Setniewski Played a 40-months Con-Game, Stole My Saving, Infected Me w HIV. This is a story, a whole nine-yard of a confidence game orchestrated and self-directed by Maciej Setniewski, a Polish architect in Hong Kong. From the good, the bad, the evil (It didn’t stop at evil,) and i have inherited his HIV virus. Forty months of illusion of romance, mental abuse, mind manipulation, loss of my life saving money, all because since 2014 December, Maciej Setniewski started his down low sex on Crystal Meth addiction (aka chem-sex addiction, From being a talented architect / starbucks designer manager and good guy with conscience to turning into a chameleon of sins, lying compulsively, serial adultery, mental abuser, mind manipulation, illusion of romance, fake future promises, stole my life saving. He is a sociopath, narcissist, catfisher, his opportunistic greed exploits much of my persistent patience, irresponsible devotion, compassionate credulity, desperation, and naïvety. I almost committed suicide. But I survived, I survived to expose my story to the whole world. More importantly I want everyone else to know who he really is/was/had been and to avoid the pain and suffering I have gone through.