Cheaters Maaike Coats

Maaike Coats — Muncie, Indiana

Okay this bitch is by far one of the craziest and biggest homewreckers out there. She will pursue your significant other thinking she will get that person to leave their wife or girlfriend. She will send trashy provocative pictures to your husband or boyfriend and claim she didn’t know you were together. However, she will get on social media and laugh about your significant other pretending to work 2 jobs so she can give her sloppy ass to anyone who will give her some attention and has a vehicle. Maaike will also say she slept with men she hasn’t slept with to get some attention. I guess she doesn’t realize how ignorant that makes her look and what a whore she makes herself out to be. All these men deny sleeping with her fugly ass and I feel sorry for her. She has 3 kids bvy 3 different dads all under the age of 10 and she has never been married. Apparently all these men cheated on her so she spends her time trying to destroy other ppls lives. She will talk shit through messaging and any other avenue and then run to the police when ppl have had enough of her shit. Get a life bitch!!!!