Arkansas Lyssie Marie Koscheski

Lyssie Marie Koscheski – Arkansas

Lyssie Marie Koscheski started seeing me out at the club on dixon and we or at least i thought we might have something more than a few bar hookups going on, I later found out she was married to some cop in Fayetteville named Paul and has been for many years. After feeling naive and used i researched a little more to find out she had been married before that as well and moved around quite a lot. If i had to guess I’d say she is a habitual Liar and cheater. She seemed so nice and sincere but she was no different than most girls at a bars. Always ask to see their place and make sure it’s r eally THEIR place and not some friends apartment. Fortunately i give a crap about cops so i didn’t bother to inform her husband. He isn’t the first to be played by her I’m sure and he won’t be the last.