California Lynnae Burwell

Lynnae Burwell — El Cajon, California

Hi. My name is Lynnae Burwell from El Cajon (San Diego) CA. My husband was disabled below the belt from an accident at work over a decade ago. Since I’m such a whore and can’t find a compromise in the bedroom with my husband I sleep with other people’s girlfriends/wives/boyfriends and husbands. Since my husband was awarded a good sum of money from the accident I have spent over the last decade doing nothing but getting massages, manicures, vacationing, gambling, and becoming the biggest whore this side of the Mississippi. I have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars of my disabled husbands money playing sugar mama to whomever I’m sleeping with. I have three children that I completely ignore to go out partying to find my next thrill. Anything stated on this page is 100% my opinion.