California Lying Lionel Hawkins fro Murrietta

Lying Lionel Hawkins fro Murrietta – California

Lionel proclaims to be a Christian and gentlemen. He will outright lie to your face that you are in an exclusive relationship that he wants to grow into a long term partnership. He is a drug addict and sex addict. He’s 63 and hasn’t grown up yet. Very mean-spirited and to top it off he has an STD and multiple sex partners. His daughter hates his guts and he tries to make it out to be her fault. He cries and belly aches that he hasn’t met his new grandchild yet. Who in the hell would want their child to be around a sexual predator??? Stay away from him and his house. He also has a business called Masterplan entertainment that makes no money, because he’s at the Pala gambling Casino.