California Lourdes Covarrubia

Lourdes Covarrubia — Kerman, California

This woman slept with my husband knowing he was married with four children. The smallest at that time had 2 yrs old. It was on 2011. I found out whe I saw his text messages and she even text his “They are going to catch you” and I just did!!!! I found out on March 4, 2016. He admitted everything and told me he slept with her more than 3 times even though she denies everything. She even threatened me that she was going to make a police report of defamation against me. Her daughter told me that her mom is not like that, that she wouldn’t had done something like this , but guess they don’t know their dirty mother. When I found out I had a reborn of 2 months. He told me that he never felt nothing for her that he just did it with her because she seemed easy and he was mad with me at those times….but for me there’s no excuse. She knows me and and my children. Even though she served in the Kerman church and in the prayer group she did what she did not thinking of a family that would fall apart.