California Lorraine Sanchez

Lorraine Sanchez – California

Keep this woman away from your man. Her name is Lorraine Sanchez and is from Pico Rivera/Whittier area, early 60’s. she try’s to come across as s sweet grandmother/mother but in fact she is a freakin w****!!!! She recently posted on my boyfriends daughter Facebook that she was with her dad and that he said hi!!! She doesn’t have a life and at one point she claimed she was pregnant by my boyfriend and was emailing dr reports and ultrasound pictures. All a lie!!! It ended up bieng her daughter in laws info/her grandson. SICK!! She was upset he dumped her for me. She is now claiming and posting on her FB that she is being stalked by me. Please grandma get a freakin life!!!! Beware of this woman she will try to buy your man because that is all she can do since she is so ugly!!! She says she is s VP of Comercia Bank in Dowontien LA. Please,!!!!