California Lorna Khosrovschahi

Lorna Khosrovschahi – California

Lorna Khosrovschahi cheated on me after having been together for one year and four months with an ex-boyfriend. This ex-boyfriend, a deputy sheriff, had cheated on Lorna with a jailhouse nurse in their prior relationship causing that breakup. Lorna had used my phone for Facebook earlier in the day and was still logged in when I discovered the infidelity via a love message to her. Additionally, I uncovered instant messages on my computer from Lorna planning to meet with a different man at an unknown location in Riverside CA. I had received many prior warnings from her roomates, friends, co-workers and another ex telling me of her past behavior but I chose to give her the benefit of the doubt. I was wrong. Lorna has dated and continues to date many men and will trick you into believing that you’re the one so she can get you to buy her expensive material things. When she gets bored, tired or thinks it’s too much drama, she will move on to another man without even trying and you will be left to pick up the pieces. Lorna likes to frequent the Vibe nightclub at Morongo casino in Cabazon CA. Lorna lives in San Jacinto CA. Should you ever come into contact with this woman, hold tight to your wallet and RUN!!!!