California Lori Bowman

Lori Bowman – California

Men, boys, she-males and trannies beware of Heidi Ford-Sistrunk Blafer (aka. Lori Bowman) is looking for another victim. Once meeting this woman online my life turned in a remake of the movie Fatal Attraction. Like Michael Douglas I was struggling with work stress and relationship indecision when I met Heidi online. She said she was the ex wife of a football player and sounded like a sweet mid-western girl. At first meeting she was a rather homely woman but had a fun energy to her. I fell for her innocent act and thought we could share a few laughs. be her next husband. Heidi constantly texted me with her narcissistic wants and needs. Talking about our future together. Nothing could be farther from my mind. I tried to let her down easy by telling her I was not ready to settle down. She went berserk throwing things, screaming and crying.