Cheaters Liz Grubbs

Liz Grubbs — Augusta, Georgia

This hoe is the biggest slut I’ve ever met. She claims that she had cancer and decorated herself in cancer ribbon tattoos, but she won’t identify or be specific about the cancer when asked and she NEVER had chemo or radiation. She probably got another STD. She belongs to the Augusta S&M club and styles herself as a dom, but she’s really just an angry hateful bitch and her crotch smells like old tuna and moldy cheese. She’s such a whore she can’t even prove paternity on her crotch fruit, or else she’d be getting a financial free-ride. She’s on every government program offered and continuously plays the system because she’s too lazy to hold a steady job. When I met her she told me she was in “medical school” — in truth she just went to a community college. She’s a bug time consuming artist, pretends to be a good Roman Catholic (I’m sure the Pope would be totally OK WITH her little BDSM club behavior), and spouts right wing morals while she where’s around and has her kids on welfare. Don’t even stand next to her or you might catch a disease,, she’s had chlamydia and HPV.