Cheaters Liz Bebê

Liz Bebê — Miami, Florida

My husband started to play live poker. Hjs dad got him started. His dad has always been a major flirt and had all these women on his friends list plus had them on his facebook. Eventually his dad introduced my husband to this b**** and that is where it started. I’m not sure how long they flirted with each other on that damn LIVE POKER GAME but eventually she started to bug him to get KIK. He had no idea what KIK was until of course his father explained…so he gave in! After only talking to him 2 weeks and I know this day specifically because I saw when the app was downloaded on google history the nasty ***** send him pictures of her boobs and ass and well you got the idea…Why degrade yourself to someone that you dont even know? Why would you send a picture of your most intimates parts to someone you dont even know. Trash!!!! Just plain TRASH!!!!!