Cheaters Little Does RUHE

Little Does RUHE – Illinois

This man plays every woman he possibly can and does it thru his professional medical office as he gets his victims who are severely depressed because he is addicted to steroids, drugs, and alcohol and feels this is ok. wheres the law at and oath you took on this? He plays them because he cant keep it in his pants at all. Not too mention the strip clubs and strippers he has dated one of them a chicago heights cops GF. And he plays the Almighty GOD card big time and even lied to his pastor about living with her in order to take communion and suck down the wine at church. He beat on his X tried to kill her, cheated on his wife who also cheated on him and bedded many, many patients and his latest Kobe 26, who he still seeing as he is dating another woman who has noooo clue thats the times he avoids your texts honey cuz he is with her, and no he aint thinking of you hes thinking of her youre just someone he is using to get his business back on track.( this w**** is just around his daughters age mind U) who he had sexual relations on his office equipment that never gets wiped down, showers in the basement therapy room) and when his GF caught him cheating & deleting his sexual text messages, 9 months worth 7,892 of them) when confronted he beat her bad: choked her, threw her thru house like a rag doll, and got away with it cuz he could afford a lawyer, and his friends are cops at town he lives in. He lied to everyone about this poor soul who loved him with everything she had, pulled his son an sister in to help him get away with it because he is a COWARD. We all know the saying FRED ” Once a cheater, always a cheater!” Then u swear on a bible in court and lie thru your teeth to look good, your sister too. Its called HYPOCRITE and you should rethink what you have done because GOD has his list, n yes forgives but youre not suppose to do it again, n again, n again. Look out ladies he is not exempt from passing on the almighty dreadful diseases either.