Cheaters Lisa Taylor

Lisa Taylor — Griswold, Iowa

This tramp pictured above, is a home wrecking whore ! She doesn’t care about other people’s relationships, even though she CLEARLY knows the men she is talking too, or sexting, or trying to fuck is in a serious relationship !!! She has ruined multiple relationships !! Why, maybe because she can’t get a man of her own (for more than a one night stand) because she is a well known whore, or maybe because she is so unhappy with herself due to the fact that she is a whore and she knows it !!! Either way, she is fucked up ! Women need more self respect, and morals for themselves !! It’s too late for this bitch, but ladies take notes of exactly what NOT to be !! Hopefully, she’s happy with him, although I’m sure it won’t last long, because obviously one dick doesn’t fulfill her !! And as for him, well I hope he gets what he has coming to him ! I hope they both get broken, and hurt, as they both have done !! Rant over !!