Arizona Lisa M Valdivia

Lisa M Valdivia – Arizona

Lisa M Valdivia is a liar she first lied and said that her babies Dady didn’t let her know he was married before she mysteriously got pregnant when he was on chemo… Also funny how she never took him to any of his hospital visits but spread her legs because she wanted a baby because her clock was ticking and she is ugly inside and out. This woman filled out paper work for her babies Dady to get a divorce from his wife who he had been separated from for over four years but never got around to getting paper work done. This sick woman knew this and pretends that she is a victim… No fast forward 11 years the man is not in a drugged ip state and is making rational decisions now before he just was trying to live and Lisa had said to him at a recovery place that she had a room if he needed one… That is class Lisa. But I digress…. Again that arrangement went away as soon as Lisa Valdivia got what she wanted a white baby. She kicked her sick roommate out after she got what she wanted . That roommate/baby daddy is a good father and fought to stay in the child’s life because he always wanted a family and would not leave a child behind. Now he is remarried for over five years now and bought his daughter a phone to contact him with…. Lisa texted this….