Cheaters Lisa M. Comstock

Lisa M. Comstock — Zephyrhills, Florida

Once upon a time a couple spent a few miserable years together and the girlfriend decided she wanted someone else and moved out of the home they shared.. Leaving the man she loved with all the bills.. Following her hearts desire. She never expected the now ex to meet and fall in love with someone else . She became jealous.. Busting his windshield.. Breaking his cell phone.. Calling his phone and starting trouble in his new relationship. .eventuslly she appeared to get the hint when he MARRIED the new girlfriend . She had her longtime boyfriend call and threaten her ex and demanded he come get his things she was storing in the home she moved into when she left him. She told him she would not be home but was and made it a point to sit with her friends in the yard and ridicule him.. She even tried to get him to stop getting his things and talk but he rejected her again and left to start life with his new bride. Crazy how love happens just like that .. When it’s right it’s right. Oh Lisa was HOT! Her plan had totally backfired and instead of following her to zephyrhills with his tail tucked he fell in love..and after SHE had invested so much time and money into the relationship all she got was an engagement ring that ended up in the pawn shop! Soon the newlyweds conceived HiS first child.. And he was So excited to be a daddy! They bought a home and lisas lover bailed .. Soon after the stress of a new home.. Moving.. One income etc took its toll on the newlyweds and lisa was able to reclaim what she saw as hers. So much drama.. Threatened the wife and her unborn child.. Did everything she could to keep them apart and the whole time she was not being faithful or smart and her reclaimed ex had to make a trip to the health department! But the heart wants what it wants and soon the husband found his way back to the wife and they made their house a home and looked forward to the arrival of their baby.. The ex texted and emailed the wife.. Caused more problems and when the wife asked the husband to go he ended up in zephyrhills. Too much drama? Yes.. But it has to stop . She still has the same lover and only wants him so the wife can’t have him . When a man obviously still loves his wife and you only see him as a game.. You should bow out with grace and not threaten him .. Not play games online .. Creating fake social media accounts etc To sully the faithful wife . There’s a reason he didn’t marry YOU. There’s a reason you took anoher lover and a reason why YOU left him.. One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure and you should really stop trying to mark your territory. No matter what this husband and wife decide you’ll always have to live with the fact that he did not marry YOU when given the choice and he planned his child.. If love doesn’t conquer all and you succeed in breaking them up.. What did you win really ? You’re still his second choice.. Since it’s a game to you.. I wonder how you feel knowing you won by default? Not because he CHOSE you but because you played games and his wife put him out.. How many more years will you two drag it out while a child goes fatherless and your lover gets fed up? Is it worth it ? I would bet not.