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Lisa Fraser — Canada

Omg. This is so awesome. I can’t believe someone put me on here. Took the time to find my old facebook pic (which is so 2018, ughhh my red hair, you could’ve focused your spread out eyes a little more and found a better one) I like that this person thinks I drink wine too… did you guys know that is so fattening that I gained like 30 some pounds years ago when I was drinking it? Never by the case though… that’s so not even classy and probably couldn’t fit in my fridge. I liked it straight from the bottle. Did you guys know that vodka soda water is so much better for ya? Ya’ll gotta try the “nude strawberry kiwi” so delicious, especially on a hot day like yesturday, today and tomorrow (it’s supposed to be like 30 above! Perfect boating weather! Cant wait!!!) And most definetly when children are around… who doesn’t love a refreshing crisp bubbly drinky poo while pushing their kids on the swing and jumping on the trampoline with them? Also hunny, my 19 yr old. Yeah. He doesn’t even drive, or even live in our home… you know what would be so fucking cool though (and thanks for the idea) I should totally get him to pack my kids lunches and help them with their homework, isnt that what siblings do? Help out? That’s the way I was raised… didnt know it was soooooooo bad maybe you should check your values and morals? Just a tad suggestion for ya Also I didnt know my daughter is as young as she is… I didnt know we could turn back time. So thanks! I also didnt know I had a 3 year old… that’s really weird… should probably check into that. Thanks for the heads up. Lastly, everyone who knows me, knows I am head over heels in love with my man. Always have been, always will be. We have such an amazing relationship people are actually jealous of us and how much we love the shit out of each other. I wont bore you with all our intimate details… people usually roll their eyes and plug their ears once I get started talking about me and my man. Just wanted to say thanks for making me kinda famous. I really do hope you find some love in yourself so that you dont waste your time trying to bring people down with ya. Cause that shits fucked up man so Peace out home slice? Bye Feliciam (or whatever I’m supposed to end this with) Take care? Anywhooop.. XOXO ✌🍻