Arkansas Lisa A Stanley

Lisa A Stanley — Arkadelphia, Arkansas

Lisa and I was married June 2017 three weeks later she quit the marriage. By accident I discovered she had been having an affair with another teachers husband anywhere between 2 to 5 years. I was told all the numbers one.time or another. For the next school year she would come back and forth from Lake Hamilton (where she began teaching ) to Bearden or Arkadelphia. I was not allowed to go over there but we spent the school year meeting almost every weekend sometimes during week . The whole time she would not let me come over there and no time did she do anything to rebuild the trust we would just hop in bed till time for her to go. At the end of school she quit contact till 1or 2 weeks before school started back up. She came spent almost a week and yes old habits we spent most time in bed. When she was thru she said she was done with me couldn’t believe I stood by her that long and said if the sex wasn’t so good she would have a long time ago she also told me while saying her vows all she could think about was how she was gonna get out of this . Her public image is good accredited teacher 2017 mentor of the year and all that but I find her to be the biggest liar on earth in our time together she intentionally did and said things to hurt and it not bother her a bit if lisa wants someone she goes for it ring or no ring but that’s my opinion. I sat back and said nothing was asked by her in fear it would her career and families but shouldn’t she think of that before getting in bed or lying I thought teachers signed contract of ethics or morals she has none…