California Lindi Lewis

Lindi Lewis – Fresno, California

This girl Lindi Lewis is a completely psychotic lesbian. She poses as a man, but is a woman. She took me for about $10,000. I found out she did the same to several girlfriends of hers. She claims to have worked for a local dentist office and has property in Montana and Wyoming and tons of money in the bank, but then shall turn around and tried to steal all of your money.

She has 4 active restraining orders on her for unlawful communication, stalking, harassing, and posing as other people catfishing them. Please watch out for this one. She has borderline personality disorder, schizophrenia, PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Her and her mother have a gambling addiction and drug addiction and will scam and con you out of your money very quickly. They just moved to Oakhurst, California and have criminal proceedings in Hanford, Fresno And Merced County.