Arizona Linda Churchwell

Linda Churchwell — Buckeye, Arizona

Also known as Linda Charlez, and Linda Lemme. This woman broke up a 29 year marriage! There were problems that could have been worked out but she pursued a married man. I do know that it takes two to tango and he is not blameless but She is married and knew that he was married as well, Linda pursued my husband over social media and then when I was away visiting a sick relative, that’s when she made her move. She lied to her husband and went to a hotel in Goodyear, where she slept with my husband. If her husband is reading this it happened on the 23rd of May, I have the receipt from The Comfort Inn! 29 years, 2 kids and three grandchildren! She had been texting for months unbeknownst to me or her own husband I am sure! She works in Buckeye and her Linkedin account said her job title is Government Administration Professional. If anyone has a husband that works with this piece of trash, beware!!! I will pick up the pieces and go on knowing Karma is a very real thing!