Canada Linda Borrie

Linda Borrie — Ontario, Canada

Such a lowlife that when the married man, she is with doesn’t even value her enough to pay for a room, she just drops to her knees in a park or alleyway to provide her use as a cum dump. She is fully aware the man has a “wife” of 15 years as well as other women but is willing to play the part of a cum dump after hounding the man for months with texts, emails and phone calls that he ignores. She has the nerve to try to befriend one of his female friends and takes some pleasure and joy in knowing she is doing another woman wrong. She is the lowest form of life. I just hope his sweet, innocent wife is not infected with STDs from this dirty gutter dwelling whore. She is too stupid and too ugly to charge for her services, even the lowest class of streetwalker has more class and morals than this pig.