Cheaters Lihi Diamant

Lihi Diamant – Miami, Florida

I feel its my duty to give the dirt about this Sloot Lihi Diamant, she moved to south beach from Israel 3 years ago to be a video model, she told my brother that she lives in a high rise luxury apartment in brickell but turns out she lives with her friend Dana who is a known sugar baby in florida, and sleeps in a sleeping bag on her floor, she also wears Dana’s clothes and shoes to stunt on Instagram. So my brother and his friend who plays In the NFL met her at club Story and took her back to there hotel, after they both fuked her she begged to stay the night saying that she could not go home, they let her and the next morning my brothers necklace and her were missing. If your I’m the Miami area stay away from this broke homeless thief of a sloot. Oh and donate her some clothes so she can stop wearing her friends clothes