Arizona Liar and Cheater Joe (Alphonse) VInce

Liar and Cheater Joe (Alphonse) VInce – Arizona

Joe (Alphonse) Vince Is 40yrs old, syrian/Italian. Lives with his brother on church Street, Amherst, Ohio. He is a habitual & compulsive liar. Joe uses & will tell any lie to get money, material things, or sex. He even lies to his family. He got his brother to let him live with him, he got his brother to give him half the business at uncle ad’s pizza, Olmsted falls, Ohio. He got his older brother to get him a car because Joe has bad credit. He likes to gain sympathy from anybody by telling them his woes about his daughter & how their relationship has gone estranged. He has said that ” he doesn’t care what he has to do to get what he wants”. His social network records have been searched and he is on many dating websites. They are, cupids dating, mate. Com & plenty of fish. Com. He has also been on many porn sites. Joe likes to use Facebook, also, to meet girls. He’ll strike up a conversation and ask them to friend him so he can prey on them. Joe likes to use local bars to cheat also. His bars he likes to achieve this with are ziggy’s, Cedar pub, captions club, mostly all the bars downtown Amherst, Ohio. Joe also likes to pick up women, and lie to them, at razzle’s, in Olmsted falls, Ohio. Joe can also be found in bars around the Cleveland area. Joe is lying to social security/disability, to get extra money. Claiming he can’t work more than 24 hrs, when he works for his brother full time plus over time. He’s using the disability money to buy marijuana, alcohol, and shopping sprees… This money doesn’t even go to his daughter. Joe drives a dark gray Dodge dart, plate # ggb-9336. He always has his marijuana with him & drives under the influence. Because of Joes marijuana use, that’s why he can not get a job on his own, because he would fail drug tests, and he’s not able to get up in the morning to get to a job on time. This is why Joe uses his family to employ him. Joe suffers from depression, he often chooses not to take his medicine, partly why he’s unable to have a stable relationship & uses that as an excuse to tell women, that’s why he can’t spend time with them, so he can cheat with other women. Joe is in a bar almost every night. Joe often does a dissapearing act, won’t stay in touch, no calls or texts for days or weeks at a time, to cheat. The information about Joe is a no brainer … He’s no good.