Arizona Leyla Mackenzie

Leyla Mackenzie — Scottsdale, Arizona

Dear feds i andrew albin called eastern district of new york us attorney office intake unit this is andrew albin of genovese crime family i need to come in to talk they made return phone call ok we soon set up date for u to come in office cool dont make it 2 early in morning i have to take train ok cool we call u with time and date of u come in ok hung up time pass bye my phone rings who the hell can it be hi iam chief organized crime us attorney alone lifshitz i have eric on phone 3 way we can do recorded debrief by phone main reason for calling is missing 750.000dollars of vending machines bizness dont tell me fbi office dont have tape recorder on phones to get people to confess on tapes glen swofford could have called me 3 way if he didnt tell coy that told me he is fbi and glen would have been told u want to talk crime with me u white supremacist nigger lover b1tch coy is a nigger get away glen u are a disgracefulFbi agent tom britt and phoenix police narcotics unit had glen swofford as informant and he failed to ask me any crime questions when they put wire in his stuff my lawyer told me glen told feds and cops i know to search him for wire he came over soon after cops on my 911 call evict leyla mackenzie and his b1tch liar crime partner jeremy silvers.glen had on fbi wire he dont even ask me to buy eight ball to get high he ask zero crime questions he ask me divorced court type question is leyla allowed back in condo she was evicted by cops from why is he not have me on phone like fbi mike durso he did 3 way phone calls to fbi office they do tape and he called and talks fbi crime stuff not are u going back to laura cresto in miami again glen didnt do fbi informant job which is talk crime he knew coy was told he was fbi and i text glen i spoke to coy he knew dont talk crime or i yell out u told coy u fbi then his handler ends his cooperation in movie fight club first rule is u not allow to tell anyone about fight club same goes with fbi informant now go watch movie fight club its great movie.Dear feds check with phoenix civil courts lawyer larry dubus files first claim letter with city of Phoenix and then lawsuit over fbi and cops failed to proper supervision of informant glen swofford he never while wearing fbi wire in my condo ask me about crime stuff he ask can annoying stripper Leyla Mackenzie move back in condo since i have cops evict her and his friend jeremy silvers why is he make no effort to ask me crime questions with wire on he is games player for sure fbi has tape go back and see iam 100percent right.Glen swofford never asked me do i want pot coke or extacsy he at casino az says meth goes for 30.000dollars a pound in Chicago ok do u have customers he says not anymore.only me and Leyla Mackenzie use meth out of us homer moore adam charney eric galoob steve spanos anthony salinas john anderson jay z nate miller and crazy amy wicker.its hard drugs to sell not popular due to u stay awake for 20 dollars for 3 days u will loose ur job u will fall asleep for days after no sleep for 3 days its only good to use like on july 4th weekend stay awake 3 days on long weekend i dont know anybody use meth in new york execpt fbi informant massa mostaghi everyone uses other drugs glen swofford should have it on fbi wire can i move other drugs then i say u know coy told me u fbi informant now u are going to jump head first off my archstone condo terrace or iam going to throw u off pick.Dear feds glen proved my point he is in on homer moore and Leyla Mackenzie plan to rob and kill me glen was told jeremy silvers had his gun on my kitchen table few days after i kicked him out for deal drugs at party leyla threw to all kinds of strangers iam worried they feds and get my condo raided ok get some Mexican to help me evict jeremy he came back with gun had it on my table i am not gun shy alot of people are gun shy i snatched the gun c0ck it and point at jeremy silvers he is aryan brotherhood mesa crew white supremacist gang member and he brought a strange nigger to my archstone condo for back up its not coy or homer moore thats for sure i pulled gun.leyla Mackenzie was yelling we all are going to die she was scared for real she dont know i dont want dead people in my condo so its get the fuck out now i take bullets out of gun and throw it out condo window just in case its sting operation get me for gun possession george nolan fbi agent Tom britt rat besides glen swofford called me do i still have jeremy silvers gun hell no he is known rat he told me in az prison glen swofford told him he is rat for fbi as soon as glen got out on bail to wear wire for fbi.glen swofford didnt hear from me i evicted leyla and Jeremy they called him up after cops got leyla clothes out my condo.glen swofford when he did have on fbi wire didnt want to ask me crime questions due to Jeremy silvers is a felon with a gun that came back to my condo were he was evicted for selling drugs at party full of strangers that would have been great to tell on fbi tape glen was protected jeremy silvers by not ask me more then can leyla come back to archstone condo..Leyla Mackenzie was in 44 street condo yelling if i dont buy her 50.000dollars range rover suv she is have homer moore nigger kill me he has cousin in bloods or crypt gang i met his cousins one is crypt dj he shot people and did long time in prison he says he also worked for mike taraska sinn show club he was cool he says homer can go fuk himself he asked him to kill me he told him do it yourself.his other cousin is tiger he work’s at penthouse strip club he is in gang Julian carlechi told me but i met him in his job no gang colors on.which gang who knows.leyla Mackenzie dont know before she is make death threats dea beverley seen homer in dos gringos or salty senorita bar with me she got sick she says she cant stand sight of homer moore he is murders before ok take beverley on other side of bar make her go back to have fun back to Leyla Mackenzie death threats she was about to get herself shot she was yelling u die no u die first iam not play games with u she freak out iam not scared of homer moore she is never get over almost get herself killed she lie its in past its not she yuri downing says is in sneaky way plot on me she was act weird at archstone condo ok she i can tell has jeremy silvers on way to get me sneak out go to pay phone around corner call cops for evict her when i walk in gun is on table jump on gun before jeremy can react seized his gun point at him b1tch i told u already get the fuk out iam not playing leyla freak out iam kill everybody no just get out and stay out. When leyla is alone she is fun she push me to go to casinos is nobody else to gamble with john anderson posse took me to bowling alley i was bored to death.leyal alone is harm less its her ghetto trash posse has to get out cant be trusted