Canada Lesley VandenDam

Lesley VandenDam — Carleton Place, Canada

This home wrecking whore, Lesley VandenDam, formally known as, Lesley Macpherson, came into my dad’s life in 2010 which resulted in him having an affair, divorcing my mother, and marrying Lesley. Although I am not the wife that the affair was on, I’m still effected greatly by it as I am the daughter. My father was a volunteer fire fighter in our hometown, Mallorytown, Ontario, and every year they had “fire men games” and in 2010 they were hosted in Carleton Place. Which obviously is where the dirty bitch met my dad, and everyone on his fire department KNEW he was married and still let this happen. Glad my parents’ friends were supporting his infidelity!! My mother and I didn’t know this happened, I actually just found out this information last year over facebook. So, after the firemen games I started noticing a change in my dad. He was very with drawn and quiet. He would often go for long motorcycle rides or “work” late. One weekend in June, I woke up to my mom crying. My dad told her he wanted a separation, BUT didn’t tell her about the affair. She finds that out later on her own. She was totally blindsided after being married for 17 years. My mother and father separated in the summer of 2010 and later divorced around October I believe, and in that time she hired a private investigator to follow my father and that’s how she found out about his affair. Oh, and the best part, when they divorced, he took $60,000 of her money that i know of, and probably much more because after they divorced we were living pay cheque to pay cheque. My father and the dumb bitch married not too long after the divorce, and they are super happy, while my mom and i just got back on our feet. Most of my extended family on my dad’s side don’t know the whole story of how they met, so I hope this shines a new light for you all on your precious cunt of a sister in law/daughter in law ? xoxo