Cheaters Leona Tanner

Leona Tanner — Ottumwa, Iowa

Had an affair with my husband for a year and a half. I was pregnant with our 3rd child during this. She’s in her mid 40’s, married and has 2 kids, and is still with her husband. She showed up at my door after my husband ended the relationship. She says it’s the other way around, but she did tell me she punched him in the face. Why would someone hit someone after they ended it. I just felt shock and sadness. My husband came home and told me everything. How they would meet on his days off, have sex in the park in her car. They would go 30 miles to the next town to go to the bar together. All the explicit details. It’s pretty soul shattering considering we’ve been together for 12 years. They work in the same mall (at different stores), and just knowing their in the same building disgusts me. A few days pass and I’m trying to figure out how to move on with me life, and this lady starts messaging me. Telling me everything my husband already has, thinking that it will get me to leave him. When that doesn’t work she starts to attack my looks. I was being nice up until that point and trying to just end the communication civially. That she needed to go and focus on salvaging her own marriage, and to just let me be. She then proceeds to say that my husband doesn’t love me, and her husband actually loves her and knew about their affair. All I’m thinking is what a dummy. This home wrecker has zero morals, not only destroying her own spouse and family, but to brag about him knowing. Like that makes it okay. She knew about me the whole time and our kids, and continued to screw my husband then go home to her own family. Nasty bitch. I ended up blocking her to sever any further communication. I had my own reservations about posting publicly about her, but people deserve to know exactly what kind of person she is. Karma will do the rest.