Cheaters Leeanna Comfort

Leeanna Comfort — Auburndale, Florida

The picture says it all. Leeanna Comfort is a worthless pos that got dumped and likes to go after married men. She managed to end a 7 year marriage with 3 kids because she cant keep her legs closed. (yes his fault to for doing it.) She is an attention whore you will give it to anyone that talks to her.

She lives with mommy in a trailer that should be condemned, and her mom isnt any better than her. She knew about me and the kids and didn’t care and lied about it because she’s just that much of a whore. She refused to stop calling him and texting him even when he said it was over. Even went so far as to follow him to his new job.

So… Now he lives with her… I’m sure if you toss her a 20 shell open up for business. Have fun with him honey. You guys can enjoy your stds together.