Canada Leean Coring

Leean Coring – Red deer, Canada

this here is another red deers finest she’s a liar a cheat and a home wreaker this cVnt is beyond delusional she thinks she’s hot sh1t and a class A++ when really she goes around ducking other women’s husbands and boyfriends and has no regureds when the hubbys wife finds out she acts so crazy and says it’s the wife or girlfriends fault he cheated on them and calls you names when she can’t get her way she has ruined 6 marriages and about 3 relationships so far she will go the lengths to stalk on you on all sorts of social media and some how gets your emails and your phone numbers she even goes the lengths to find out where your working she got a dude fired from his job spreading lies that he sleeps with the boss and steals cash from the place she has a few kids and yet she dosint teach them that bullying is wrong and she thinks bullying other people is okay some people have seen her bully a neaighbers child makeing her cry ! She thinks that been blond and beautiful is key to everyone’s but people say she’s just vile and evil she even talks so much smack about half of her friends backs spreads rumors and the worst of all she has an DRD !! And she’s given it to 2 guys ! And she acts like she didint even know where it came from when she had this drd for 3 years! And dosint tell anyone about it so please if you had any sexual relations with gross filth her checked a.s.a.p ! Don’t let her near your kids because she’s known to hit children and to scream at them she’s was babysitting my kids and when I got home from work my kids where in bed but the next day I seen there was bruised and welts on my children and they told me they fear this women I used to be her best friend and big support until I seen her true colours and that all the talk and rumours were all true I have been friends with her for more then 10 years !! I regret ever saying hello to her LEEAN I hope you get help and learn to treat people better you truly are disgusting and you shouldn’t have your kids if this how you treat other people’s kids your vile!I’m tired of been your friend and I’m tired of been your support you can rot in hell you slore!