Cheaters Lauren Neff

Lauren Neff – Bonita Springs, Forida

My Husband has female friends no problem right?…..well when he has this one particular “friend” who he went to high school with and had a sexual relationship with years ago then in 2010 they had sex once and he said it was horrible and regretted doing it. They are now around 40 years old so for them to keep in contact over the years I definitely know there is a connection there. He and I have been married for 6 years now everything has been great so I thought…..recently I found archived messages and phone records that she has been calling him but there is no record that my husband ever answered her calls. When I confronted him about the inappropriate social media messages from her asking him to have drinks with her not ever mentioning me(his wife)we also have 2 children and she never asked how his kids were doing. He said that she has asked him a few times but he never met up with her. I also saw that the messages were from the past few months so I asked where are all of the other messages to and from her the past 6 years since that’s when we were married I want to know what you and she talked about. He told me that he deleted them? Sooo I then asked to see his phone he refused and told me he also deleted the text conversations too??? He told me nothing sexual was ever involved in their conversations they would just catch up and talk about life stuff. So I waited a few days and found her number and left her a nice voicemail asking if she and I could chat a little about a few things that I need clarification on. Well that same day my husband comes home from work and shows me a text from her that was very mean and disrespectful. She told him to “tell your wife to never contact me ever again” and basically cussed him out stating that she never wanted to speak to him again. Now that being said she definitely showed way too much emotion in that text to only want to be my husbands friend and nothing else. I felt as a woman you should have the guts at that point to just admit that you were wrong and acknowledge that you were most definitely trying to get something more physical going if you are always asking a married man out to have drinks with you. In the end I texted her back and told her to never ever contact my husband again by any means because I will find out. I’m sure she learned her lesson… I know my husband has.