Cheaters Lauren Hensen

Lauren Hensen — Denver, Colorado

This girl is beyond scum. She sells drugs, cheats on her bc who she has only spent like 6 months of their 5 year relationship with [otherwise he has been in jail], lies to everyone she meets, and uses her illness to get fake love on the internet. She uses social media to make boost her ego and get fake love when in reality she lives a sad life of seeking attention , getting chem, selling her pills, and pretending to be a thug even though she grew up in an upper class conservative family and has spent her life in the highlands ranch bubble. She has been arrested for sending contraband into federal prisons and now settles for selling pills to her exes and anyone she can get her hands on. You can try and talk to her personally and honestly and she will make up all kinds of lies and make you think shes a decent person and will then go immediately message the person you tell her to leave alone and ask if they want to hang out and sell them her pills. She works at an old peoples home and also nannies for multiple families. All the while staying messed up on all her pain killers. This girl is garbage.