Cheaters Laura Vahlkamp

Laura Vahlkamp — Carlyle, Illinois

Laura Vahlkamp chose to start an affair with a married man, while she too was married. She threw away a 19 year relationship, which included almost 14 years of marriage. She chose to abandon her family while on the job at Kaskaskia College. In addition she took advantage of her husbands generosity, while he watched the kids at home, while she scrapbooked and went out with friends. She later expanded her lies to include her sister while she recharged her batteries on mini vacations with her lover. Most distrubing was her willingness to lie to save face. After she started her affair, she expressed her frustration with her marriage. In total, she sat through almost 7 months of marriage counseling, never once admitting to the affair, instead blaming her husband at every turn. To this day almost 3 years since she started her affair, Laura has never once admitted to any wrongdoing and has maintained an estranged relationship with most of her immediate family. She is a soulless, heartless, unapologetic homewrecker solely concerned with her own personal gain at any cost.