LAURA POPOVICH — Sacramento, California

This dumb b1tch put sh1t on my parents front porch and I told the dumb b1tch since she wants to pick it up then she can throw it away and tossed on her side of driveway, this DUMB A55 B1TCH called the COPS ON ME said she was scared for her life that I threatened her DUMB FUKING LIFE, and sorry I WOULDNT THREATEN anyone so everyone could hear and I didn’t but this B1TCH SAID I THREW THE SH1T AT HER and planted the bag of DOG SH1T next to her CAR…..MIND YOU IT WASNT EVEN MY PARENTS DOG WHO SH1T ON HER FUCKING LAWN……all the fuking neighbors hate her cuz she steady trying to bully my parents who are in their 60s and have enough going on and are hard working people ….PRETTY SURE THATS ELDER ABUSE AND she will see the light soon enough cuz if she didn’t know is I already knew the DUMB B1TCH WAS A COP CALLING CVNT so I wouldn’t have laid a FUKING HAND ON THE DUMB B1TCH. But SHE WILL SOON GET