Cheaters Laura Parsley (Allard)

Laura Parsley (Allard) — Greeley, Colorado

So after 5 years of marriage and 2 kids with my husband I find out he’s been talking to this hoe bag for quiet some time. Not past proof but I’m pretty positive it’s been going on for years. He’s on a deployment over seas and I began having health problems with our 15 month old daughter. Happened to stumble upon numerous things of his wrong doing not only is she the problem but also him. So I log into his phone bill and see tons of bull sh*t back and forth, I decide to text her and him both, they both deny any wrong doing. I further investigate and find 2 days before my husband threatened me with divorce and said he screwed up that I don’t deserve him that he was up till 4 am (his time) texting this bitch back and forth and even exchanged pics (sexting no sh*t) both deny. In screen shots she sent to me of text between her and my husband she even asks about me while he’s over there saying they were ment to be and that he loves her always. How much you wanna bet this has (as I said above) been going on for years and she’s just irrotated that he has yet to leave me. She even text him Asking why I was texting her (bitch you know why, my question was flat out bold) his response was that, “because I thought he was cheating on me which I’m definitely not. I love her and want to make our marriage work.” Of course she didn’t respond to that and now is throwing a pity party for herself all over her fb page. Yes o have my ways of finding out shit, I’m not stupid, as of right now he has to prove to me he really wants to keep me and when he returns home he has a lot more work to do and if I’m not happy I’m gone and the dumb bitch can have his lying cheating ass!!