California Laura Lorenall Solorio

Laura Lorenall Solorio — Placerville, California

This is the 45th photo I’ve found in my husband’s phone. Of course screen shot from his email. I confronted him and his response is spanking material. Whatever that’s fine. I like porn but if your gunna save a photo have it be of some one that we don’t know. I confronted the chick and she saifmd oh that never happened and he’s like a brother. I told her to back off he has told her to back off and 20 minutes later this photo appears in his email. She lied to my face once before and now this so if your in the Northern California area in Placerville. Watch out for her. She most likely has stds from all the homies she’s been with. She’s nothing but a hoe that looks like she got gangbanged by a box of crayola crayons and has a moldy flaky snatch that is nothing but a sausage wallet gym dumpster. Beware.