California Laura Jacobs

Laura Jacobs – Los Angeles, California

I have debated writing this for a long time… but I feel that this needs to be out so other Actors/ Models don’t fall victim to one of the craziest Agent/industry ”professionals” I have ever met. Laura Jacobs on Instagram or Laura Pearlman is her agent alias. She uses both aliases. Laura uses both so that she can submit her self as an actress while working as an agent in LA for Element talent agency and her own agency that deals with modeling only LRJ management. I find it a bit admirable that she positioned her self in a way that she sees what most actresses don’t. The agency/ agent only submission boards on platforms like LA castings and Actors Access. The only problem with that is she finds People she sees as competition to pray on. She doesn’t lead on she is still aspiring to act and actively still trying. Laura claims she currently works in the industry as a “street size model” not an actress. That’s why she goes by two different last names. She tries to befriend you claiming how much she wants to do for your career and starts slowly sabotaging any aspect of your career she can get her hands on. She gets jealous of her own clients and shelves them !!! ( shelves means: books them out on casting platforms so casting will not request). She will then proceed to tell you that she is submitting you to everything but nobody wants to cast you. Totally gas lighting you!!!!!! Your personal life aspects aren’t off limits to her either. One of the models/actresses I spoke to said she even tried to hook up with her boyfriend of years said a bunch of lies about the girl to her boyfriend then tried to fuk him while staying with the girl at her apartment. The boyfriend gave her a hard no and eventually told his girlfriend about it. Threated another model/actress with fake DRD meds and put the model’s name on the med bottle!!!!! Then said she would tell everyone in the industry with a dirty slore she was and blacklist her if she ever said anything bad about her. Funny thing is, Laura Jacobs is known to sleep around. She even has an old married man paying for her place in NYC. Laura Jacobs / Pearlman is the epitome of single white female and she uses her status as an agent for Element Talent Agency and her own agency LRJ Management to pray on people and try to elevate herself in her own career. I am writing this as a warning to anyone looking to sign with her. Those are only a few small clips of the psychotic stunts pulled by single white female Laura Jacobs/ Pearlman.