Canada Lamont Langford

Lamont Langford – Canada

Lamont Langford is a lying, cheating, manipulative, thief. He tells stories about how terrible his marriage was. How she slept around always going back to her ex husband during their marriage. Looking for sympathy he will even go as far as telling women he believes he is sick and possibly dying. He will even go as far as to ask you to go to a follow up appointment which is his way of making you feel bad if you leave. If you stay don’t leave anything at his place he plays games and will keep your property. THIS IS FOR WOMEN with KIDS Stay far away he will even keep your kids property. His ex wife even mentioned to keep a close eye on kids if you have them, that’s one of the reasons she left him. He has lived in MN, WI, and says other states. His. D.O. B. is March 23, 1972