California Ladies Beware Of Marcus Crosbie

Ladies Beware Of Marcus Crosbie – California

Met this guy on Plenty Of Fish back in August after getting divorced myself. He was on there as single. But when we spoke he said he was divorced since 2012. He also said he lived in PA but was going to move to the New York area. We went to dinner a few times & out to a few bars. He would text me all the time saying how much he enjoys spending time with me. Had sex often. After a few months, he was acting strange. Disappearing without any notice etc. I was not going to put up with this so started my search again. I went to a Plenty Of Fish mixer & met a few woman that have also been with this guy. I then find out he is married. He was never divorced. I could not believe it. He has been with her for a very long time but is sleeping around with other women. I feel so sorry for her but then again how do you not know your husband is cheating on you? Ladies beware of Marcus Crosbie. He is a true player