Canada Krystal Stewart

Krystal Stewart — Calgary, Canada

meet Krystal Stewart. The super basic super boring mid day host of the most washed up radio station in Canada. She is the ever typical post slooty pictures all day while calling guys thirsty attention seeking millennial. If that isn’t enough she’s a vegan, puppy foster mom who is saving the world one PETA meme repost at a time. When she isn’t sleeping her way up the local media chain of success at CJAY she is blocking people on social media when they don’t agree to be labelled as monsters cause they eat bacon. This self righteous attention seeker would have you believe that giving a stray a home for a night washes away all her sins of getting pounded for money and work. This thirst trap is so confused about her real source of protein I wish she would just shut up press play on her iPod shuffle from 9-1 and continue to post her half naked pics for all the dirty old pervert metal heads who are her only true following. Krsytal while you read this and before you post the whole “I don’t care what anybody thinks about me, they’re just mad haters” rant just know that we don’t believe you and we know you’re already dead inside and the whole save animals thing is just a front for you to feel better about yourself it’s not actually about the animals.