Cheaters Krystal Lynn Spurlock

Krystal Lynn Spurlock — Pikeville, Kentucky

This woman knew my friends husband was married and still contiued to see him until she got him away from his wife, I know its his fault too but when this woman talked to his wife the way she did knowing that he walked out on not only her but his son too is pathetic. this girl has no morals or respect for her self or anyone else. she has kids and clearly she has no plans of raising them with morals and respect or she wouldn’t be with a married man. in the last 5 days hes been in a relationship with 2 different women and this woman right here has degraded his wife when she is the one in bed with a married man. check the court house and you will see they are married. she really has issues watch out for her. shes so desperate that shes seeing a man that won’t divorce his wife.