Cheaters Krystal Cooklock

Krystal Cooklock — Oldsmar, Florida

This bitch was my husbands shoulder to cry on. A friend of the family. She played all nice and sweet gave him attention. Walked right into my old shoes.. Literally… Spoiled never had to do anything on her own. Allowed my husband to pull the same shit her baby daddy pulled on her. She wanted someone to be a daddy figure to her little girl and stole another daddy from his kids. He played his games and strung his wife along under the assumption that we were working things along. I talked to her as a family friend and told her we were working things along. I found out in January of 2016 that they had a relationship going the whole time we were working thibgs out. Then I found out im pregnant. And shes acting nasty and pissed… She wont let him spend alone time with his now 3 children. Get him drunk one night after they stopped sleeping together and now shes pregnant. Shes talking about how after the baby is born she needs alone time right away with her other daughter… And how she cant wait to take her pain meds and drink again. But has spouted off to everyone lies trying to make people hate me. She doesnt want my children near her home. Hate my newborn… Shes a piece of work. This bitch sees me in public goes out of her fat ass way (7 months pregnant and put on a ton of weight) to smirk at me… She doesn’t know me from the dicks shes sucked. She is a whore and doesnt realise that when you have the morals of a man a real woman will fuck her up. This bitch needs to be taught a lesson. She is a 25 year old little girl playing at being a woman. She expects mommy and daddy to buy everything. She is currently 7 months pregnant with a married mans kid that he couldnt even afford to buy anything for his kids or for his pregnant wife. And she expects people to buy her shit and have a baby shower for her. She wanted everything brand new…. Hahahaha this dumb bitch needs to be taught what real woman are like. Not whores.