California Kristy Bragg

Kristy Bragg — California

Let me tell you a little bit about Ms. Bragg. It is NOTHING to brag about that is for sure. Not only is she an ex-meth head mother, but the present has not gotten any better over the years. Maybe its was all the meth in the past that Fu*ked her brain up because she is psychotic for sure. For someone who seems to be so worried about their image, you would think she would learn how to behave in social situations or even how to apply proper makeup to that fivehead you could fry an egg on. I would hate to see what she looks like without the pounds of cake layered makeup and lashes she wakes up to apply 4 hours early every morning for her construction based job so she can post pics on her facebook with her tits out alongside to all of her “Christian like church posts” I’m sure her daughter is SO proud to call her Mommy. (more like confused on what it means to be a godly woman) Speaking of confusing children, this one will not even begin to hold back on the craziness with her Ex-boyfriend whom she loves to start all kind of drama with in front of her child and his.