California Kristine Billings

Kristine Billings — Bakersfield, California

Kristine knew my husband was married but decided to invite him anyway to San Diego in March 2011. Going to school with the class of ’97 but having moved to CA with her toddler daughter, she drove from Bakersfield to meet and slept with my husband while I stayed home with our 3 year old and nursed our 6 month old. The affair lasted months, and when my husband and j we’re in counseling because of it, she became obsessive. I had to ask her to leave my family alone, which she refused to do. In the end, my marriage ended. My ex and I will wait until the children are adults to tell them who Kristine is and what her role was. Even now, they are tormented by why their parents aren’t together. I dread telling them it’s because of one woman.