Cheaters Kristin Amos

Kristin Amos — Dover, Delaware

This crack whore has 3 warrants & is currently on the run. She will lick,suck and/or fuck whoever will give her $ for her drugs. She has 6 children and has lost custody of all of them years ago. Her 6th child was put in faster care as soon as it was born 2 years ago because it was born addicted to crack. She has not only ruined her children’s lives, but her family and many friends. She wrecked the one person’s life who tried to help her. This person knew her since the day she was born and thought of her as a sister. While battling her own demons and working on her troubled marriage, “HER SISTER” gave her a place to stay for a short time. Kristin saw that this woman’s husband of 20 years, had his own business and plenty of money. Shegot to know their weekly schedule of when they would go out and purposely waited to call when this couple had plenty to drink, knowing she could talk them into doing drugs. After a short time, the wife caught on and tried with all she had to push her out of their lives. She would catch text messages she’d send her husband. After months of battling with this drug addict, my good friend found out Kristin had squirmed her way into her husband’s life & a full blown affair was going on. This couple battled many things in their 20 years, from blending a family, 2 ex wives and 1 ex husband, both of their parents passing away and a horrible motorcycle accident. My friend fought hard for her marriage. Begged and pleaded to her husband to stop. He’d lie and say he would but for some reason this crack head had a grip on him that he wouldn’t end it. This whore ended up getting in trouble for robbing an old man. She took off and ran with an oil rigger (pictured with her in the pic) but she still continued to call and text the husband. She talked him into putting $ in a bank account many, many times. I have seen my friend break down numerous times because she couldn’t understand why her husband would ruin their marriage over this whore. Anybody but her, she always said. My girl is not the same woman anymore. She has distant herself from friends and family. She’s embarrassed, humiliated and on the verge of a breakdown I believe. She can’t imagine leaving her husband. The thought of ever having another relationship makes her shake. She’s been with him for half of her life. She knows she has to just give up and try to make a life without him. Her mind knows it’s time, but her heart, that big heart of hers just isn’t letting him go. It’s still hoping, praying he’ll realize what a mistake he’s made. They have 6 beautiful children and 7 grandchildren. This entire family has been shaken up from this whore. I’m afraid of what will happen if my best friend finds her before the police do. Please pray for this family! For this wonderful couple to find their way back to each other and rekindle that beautiful love we all dream about! This girl goes by Kristin Amos, Kristin Swinderman, Kristin Boyer and Kristin Baker.