California Kristi McConnel

Kristi McConnel — Sacramento, California

This disgusting woman is what my father calls his “girlfriend”. Though she’s married with two kids of her own, she decides to neglect her whole family to be with my dad and tear him apart from his own family. She sits on her lazy ass all day with no job, can’t clean for shit, and sucks the money out of my dad, her husband, and the lawsuit money she won from her own sons injury!! Everyone in the family hates her. And as my fathers only daughter, she saw me as a threat because she wanted to play games and be a selfish bitch. She complains about everything, and has no life. She doesn’t spend times with her kids and the only time she spends with her husband is in the bed when she needs some money. My father and I never had a good relationship, but we were working on things until this fugly whore came along. She has taught my dad how to get away with not paying child support, and lie to my younger brothers about them “never having money”. My 3 brothers need money for braces but no, she’d rather spend that money on a shopping spree for a $300 purse. I can take care of myself as I am 18 with 2 jobs and attending school. I’d say that my father and her deserve each other, her husband was my father’s best friend! Absolutely disgusting!