Cheaters Kristen Hill

Kristen Hill — LaGrange, Georgia

This skank took advantage of a weak spot in my relationship by sleeping with my boyfriend. He and I both met her at the gym, but since she looked like a leather-faced hag I never suspected they’d become lovers. This cunt knew I was six months pregnant when it started and that we already had a 3 yr old, but that didn’t stop her…or him. They’d sleep together, sext, send dirty snap chat pictures, and act like a regular couple while I was at work. Even after confronting her she had the nerve to act like she didn’t know we were together and said he told her we were roommates taking care of our daughter. She’s a spoiled, jobless little brat that suffered no consequences for her actions while tearing my family to shreds. Not sure what she thought would happen, but no homewrecking cunt is going to play mama to my girls. Spread the word!