California Krista Lee Schomann

Krista Lee Schomann — San Francisco, California

This is Krista Shomann. She had an affair in workplace at Safeway transportation dept in Clackamas or with a married man one of her bose close quarters in back office thought no one knew about it and when found out mooved across street to human resorces dept with daddy’s help he worked In Safeway also when daddy given heads up on what whore doing in Clackamas she was mooved to San Fran thank god Safeway was purchased by albertsons and daddy had no say so any longer and she was let go by a company that had some morals ?? this is absolutely the truth have all phone records and text to back it up this old spinster now close to 36 needs to stay clear of married men and realize they do not want her except for a depositing receptical that’s why she is 35 36 still alone and still ugly as hell goes after men in work place very desperate tick tock tick tock biological clock ticking stay away from married men office whore