Alaska Krisda Ann Kinegak (Grady)

Krisda Ann Kinegak (Grady) — Anchorage, Alaska

Krisda Krisda! What’s your favorite slogan? “I am not going anywhere!” Be careful with this one people! She is the ultimate gold digger, by that I mean she isn’t just after men but families as well. She is the itch you cannot get rid of. This girl will enter your life and take everything she is after and gives zero f*cks whose life she destroys in the meantime. Krisda Ann Kinegak has been destroying lives since baby #1. I ultimately hate bringing children into any adult situation but her 5 million kids each having a different father are pawns in her own game, a game she always loses in the end. Every penny goes on her appearance first then booze. Krisda will tell sob and abusive stories to win you over or for money. This girl CANNOT keep a job, a stable life, and her kids. They pay the ultimate price in her shenanigans and I pray the Lord watches over their journey. The only reason why she has sooo many kids which she cannot keep custody of is because like i said her mission is money. She targets men, married or not, gets pregnant for child support income. She brags about using multiple men for money on a regular basis. She cannot even pay a couple hundred dollars of rent or her prepaid $60 ATT phone. She begs for money and return of course opens her legs as repayment. She is very deceiving and manipulative, the finest at that! Brags about being a nuisance and someone you cannot get rid of. If she befriends you just know #1 she’s after your husband/boyfriend and #2 after financial benefits. All she cares about is being in the club and drinking. Her pictures are on a porn hashtag and i think she was posted on here a few years back! Once a snake always a snake! She has not changed not one bit. So anyways back to the home wreckers thing. She will manipulate any man with money for her own means, she LOVES to be the side chick and will play the role perfect. Once a wife/girlfriend finds out about her, this girl DOES NOT CARE NOT ONE BIT! she will tell you “she is not going anywhere” maybe even claim to be pregnant. She’s a “baddie” alright but make sure you hit it and quit it asap! Don’t give this demon the power she feeds off of. At the end of the day she is ALWAYS STRUGGLING ALWAYS 10 STEPS BACK. Pregnant with another “burden” that ends up in the states care. So So So sad. So she has a DUI from last year, she isn’t supposed to drink or be where alcohol is served but that does not stop her. NOPE. I am sure if you are reading this Krisda, there is not one thing you can say is a lie. That’s the sad part. Publicly play your part as far as denial, deep down you know it is all too real and true. KARMA IS A B*TCH!