Alabama Kirsti Lanier

Kirsti Lanier — New Market, Alabama

You go around ruining people’s marriages and ruined them making them feel like they have some sort of connection with you but what you’re really doing is using them for whatever you can possibly get from them. You’re a wh**e. You bounce couch to couch dude to dude. You change guys more than you change your panties. Literally. Texting 20 guys at one time doping it up ho-ing it up. Oh for the record guys go get an std test done. For any business looking to hire kirsti do a drug test on her frequently and make sure someone is with her when she pees because she will carry someone else’s pee or have a clean out kit the night before. Hope you have a nice rest of your life ho. Maybe the guys will stop messing with you and you’ll start respecting the ones who truly care. You ran off with another guy the same day you told me you love me. That shows the type of person you are right? Heartless and worthless.