Cheaters Kirsten Moore

Kirsten Moore — Louisa, Kentucky

Kirsten Moore is a 24 years of age nursing pupil that additionally operates at Wal-Mart. She wants to consume as well as event on the weekend breaks as well as fulfill brand-new guys that she hangs throughout as well as aims to take residence. She starts on Facebook and after that encourages them to earn a snap conversation account since it’s a lot less complicated to speak to eachother on there. Lmao. She after that smooth talks them right into believing she’s the sweetest point ever before as well as previously also speaking for 3 days they begin satisfying each various other out. Currently this guy is wed as well as she recognizes this as well as still continuouslies slip about and afterwards lead him back to her house to have unguarded sex with a guy she has actually talked with on Snapchat for 3 days.